Rescue Poor Puppy With Huge wound on his body in very critical condition

 Guys, we are at a loss for words. The dog was struck by a car.

Taking it, we sprint to the clinic. Even though we are aware of the dire circumstances currently in place, we are still hopeful that we may save him. Internal organs suffered severe damage.

It wasn't obvious whether there was a common fracture. The good news is that she ate, weighed 2 kg, and her tail is grimly moving back and forth whenever someone approaches.

Her recovery went horribly. Because she is now better, we are overjoyed for her. I'm aware that a joyful star helped her to be born.

No one will be brave enough to knock it down because she'll have a nonage, a happy, joyful nonage. Many thanks to everyone in the area,

to everyone who expresses equal gratitude and admiration for Shmelechka

We appreciate every rescuer and donation that helped us save her.

She is now healthy and resides in a beautiful home.

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