Severely Injured Dog Drags Herself Over To Jogger Who Finds Her

 She has lived through a lifetime of suffering and misery, but she still desires to love, give, and connect. Read the touching update to learn how this little "lambchop" conquered the odds.

Despite having a broken jaw and a damaged leg, Lilac the dog was struggling to survive when a jogger in Atlanta, Georgia, spotted her cowering beneath a car. The dog had suffered serious injuries at the hands of other dogs and unknown people. But when visitors drew near, she crawled out to greet them. There are hints that "she knew she was being saved,"

She was brought to the clinic by Second Chance, Rescue NYC Dogs, a New York-based organization, where she received prompt emergency care. A second vet checkup indicated that Lilac also had stomach wounds from bullets that were lodged in the body, in addition to severe leg wounds and a fractured jaw!

Lilac's tail continued to wag despite her wounds whenever someone gave her attention.

After a few days that were "touch and go," Lilac miraculously lived.

"Where there is a will, there is a way" Because she is so kind and lovely, this little lambchop survivor stands out, according to Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs.

She is the kind of dog that calls for you to pause, relax, and acknowledge the connection with openness on both sides. Despite having lived a lifetime of suffering and terror, she still desires to love, give, and connect.

Vets were unable to preserve her leg, but they did miracles in order to treat the rest of her. Even though Lilac only has three legs right now, she is recovering.

Because of all the love and care she is getting, Lilac is finally thriving!

She endured a protracted battle to reach her current position.

She may have lost her leg, but she gained an enormous family, according to her rescuers. "People in the hospital and all across the world are showering her with love! The amount of love and support for Lilac has taken us to tears.

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