Stray Dog’s Story of Misery Written on His Skin

 His body is in such bad shape that even the seasoned rescuers were taken aback.

According to Stray Animal Rescue of St. Louis, this summer was very difficult for animals who were abandoned. Kanga is one of these "lost souls" that they have just managed to save. Years of abuse and hardship have left deep scars on his flesh.

Even the most seasoned rescuers have fled from his damaged body due to fear.

In a Facebook post, Stray Rescue of St. Louis notes that while having seen many cases of mange over the past 25 years, this one is by far the worst.

The caption "It shreds our heart" was used with a number of images of Kanga.

The dog has no hair and is covered in painful sores, skin that is flaking, and folds of skin that are so deep they resemble zebra stripes.

And his eyes show his rescuers that he shares their suffering. "We can see the pain in his eyes," they wrote. He is totally outmatched. We are all together at.

Because of his enormous ears, some of Kanga's supporters already believe he is a German Shepherd, but the reality won't be revealed until after he has fully recovered.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis wants to help him recover, but they are aware that he has a long way to go before he is fully healthy. We are assured that "We will provide him therapeutic baths, infection medicine, nutritious meals, and so much more," though. LOVE

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