Vet Saves Chocolate Lab Puppy No Bigger Than Chocolate Milkshake From Euthanasia And Then Adopts It

 Bronson The puppy was one of a litter of nine that a chocolate lab received by c-section.

But when they discovered he had a cleft palate, the owners decided to put him down.

Despite the poor prognosis for puppies with cleft palates, one veterinary technician was determined to give him another chance at life.

A different vet tech convinced the family to sign over the dog and convinced her to foster it, she posted on Imgur. Additionally, the user, who goes by Kaffekalle, explains why puppies are routinely put to death for what appears to be a minor defect. Depending on the degree of the cleft and whether it affects the hard or soft palate, puppies often do not flourish. They are unable to effectively suckle as a result of the gap in the roof of their mouth, and finally die from malnutrition.

She brought him to work every day for a week and fed him every 1-2 hours using a feeding tube.

Once it was established that Bronson would survive, the vet felt compelled to adopt him.

Given how gorgeous he is, we can't say that we blame her!

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  • Anonymous August 31, 2023 at 6:46 AM

    We should not be allowing people to breed dogs and then put down perfectly healthy animals because they aren't aesthetically 100% .. thats disgusting.. proud of this vet for rescuing the pup


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