Thin Neglected Dog Was Exhausted, Coma, Lying Motionless on The Front Porch Begging every Passerby To Help In Vain

 While he was seeking for his mother, an accident occurred. When his hind legs were entirely paralyzed, this dog was abandoned. His owner had cruelly left him on the side of the road. He was stumbling about on his knees, which was really challenging.

He was pleading with onlookers to assist him, but they were moving by him as if he were not there. Stop till a kind person observed him barking in anguish, moved, and was so moved that he decided to take the dog to the closest vet clinic.

"For him, we added sea water, which helped him become stronger. He received a food from us, but he hardly touched anything. He was in poor health and required surgery." the Vet stated

After the procedure, the unfortunate dog slowly recovered and started moving more readily. He'll be in the hospital for a while. He will then be brought to the shelter to receive further care.

The puppy has improved over a month later, but he will still need to stay at the vet for his medication. Day by day, his health was improving.

Watch the below-posted rescue video:

Please distribute this to your relatives and friends.

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