Woman Saw ‘Dᴇᴀd Dog’ She Wants To Bury, Got Body Bag Ready As Dog Tried To Stand

Rescuers learned of a skinny dog that was running around the streets. The neighborhood's residents are struggling with their own problems and have continued to pass the dog rescuers, whom they eventually dubbed "Peanut," as they walk by.

Being unable to move, she would lie down in the middle of the sidewalk or road. Witnessing it was heartbreaking.

Volunteers were amazed that Peanut was still alive when they first spotted her. She could see every bone in her body. Her skin had acute mange and was completely hairless.

She appeared to have gone for a very long period without a good meal, but she clung on and struggled to survive. Without a doubt, her strength was motivating. In case the dog had already passed, one woman even placed a body bag in her vehicl.

Rescuers tenderly lifted her up and took her to the veterinarian, but they were aware of the situation. Peanut's chances of surviving were extremely small.

Her new human companions were thrilled when her blood test results were revealed, though. The only thing that wasn't treatable was distemper.

Peanut would be fine with the correct amount of care, despite how she looked. She couldn't be near ill animals since her immune system was compromised.

The rescue called Mike and Joy, who have fostered other dogs, and invited them to meet Peanut. She was obviously in need of love and attention.

Peanut was brought home by the devoted pair. They were instructed on how to feed her to help her gain weight without becoming sick.

Peanut gobbled up her meal. She was starving, but they advised her to take it slowly.

When Peanut eventually meets Mike and Joy's second dog, she is excited to play. She just has to get stronger so that she can have puppy vigor.

The pair scrupulously records Peanut's days, and in just one week, she had gained a healthy amount of weight. She still looks thin, but much better!

Because she is getting pharmaceutical treatments to treat her mange, some areas of her fur are even growing back.

When the couple returns with Peanut to the veterinarian in three weeks for a checkup, everyone there is cheerful. Her development is amazing. It seems as though you are viewing a separate dog!

She hasn't merely put on weight; she has also grown more assured. Since he has a home, Peanut feels much safer. She never received consistent meals or attention from others. She now had both!

Like so many other dogs, Peanut yearned for another chance. Dogs are not designed to live on the streets and be self-sufficient.

We salute anyone who intervenes to assist an animal. The best rescuers are rescuers.

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  • Anonymous February 20, 2023 at 12:27 AM

    How could any human being let an animal suffer like this and walk pass them on the street and not help them is beyond any comprehension it’s the cruellest any person could do

    • Anonymous May 29, 2023 at 7:09 PM

      I hate to see dogs treated like this what is wrong with people that can treat a dog so badly


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