Deserted pit bull now lives her greatest life with the firefighters who rescued discovered her in a snowstorm

 Ashley is a gap bull who, regrettably, was left in the care of some careless individuals.

They didn't always take her out because they hardly ever fed her.

She was undoubtedly left outside in a storm. The poor lady.

Erica Mahnken, a co-founder of No More Ache Rescue, and her fiance, Michael Favor, happily helped Ahsley in January 2017.

Mahnken told The Dodo, "We got a telephone number from rumors that a couple was living in a run-down house. They had a dog there since they lacked heat or electricity.

"I think they left the dog earlier because they went in search of almost hot to stay. We raced and found her as soon as we had the name of her cellphone," Mahnken said.

Favor asked Mahnken to stay in the car as they continued their journey to Ashley's house.

Mahnken rapidly realized that there was no electricity and that the weather was bitterly cold. Additionally, Ashley had neither food nor water with her.

Ashley, thankfully, escaped unharmed. The dog couldn't hide her joy, and Favor had walked her out of the house in a flash.

She arrived running down and incredibly happy, Mahnken recalls. She immediately rushed into my car.

Ashley was thin and chubby, and her skintight clothes protruded from her body. She had obvious signs of physical stress throughout her examination and weighed only 25 kg.

Since they didn't really have a place for Ashley in the sanctum, she can't stay there, so Mahnken and Favor find her a foster home. It's a good thing they had buddies in the New York City Fire Department.

The firefighters at Fort Pitt Station had a dog in the past, so the couple asked them to take Ashley until they could find her a wonderful home.

"Her tail was wagging as soon as she stepped into the firehouse, and he or she was licking and chatting everyone," Mahnken recalled. She was quite content.

You won't really expect that given where she came from. She wasn't at all as skittish as you may have thought she might be.

"I'm very happy we found her a home that can just show her love and never turn her into the outlet bull that people like to despise so sharply,

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