‘Madame Eyebrows’ Is The Dog Who Always Looks Like She’s Not In The Mood

 Those eyebrows are simply excessive. Someone needs to start putting this girl on a calendar.

The majority of the time, dogs seem to be having the time of their lives. Many dogs appear to always be happy, whether they are out for a walk, exploring something new, or simply hanging out with their favorite people.

Not all dogs, though, seem to be having the time of their lives.

Fans of grumpy-looking pets are likely familiar with Grumpy Cat, the viral sensation that featured grumpy animals. The dog who always seems to be unhappy, Madam Eyebrows, might be the canine equivalent.

a distinctively temperamental English Bulldog.

English bulldog Mrs. Eyebrow was born in Germany. Right above her eyes, the woman has black markings that resemble furrowed brows.

Madam Eyebrows has a "resting bad mood face" as a result, which has contributed to her status as a minor internet celebrity. Beware, Grumpy Cat!

Owner Janina revealed that they gave the bulldog the name Madam Eyebrow in honor of the scars that adorned her eyes. She usually had brows and looked melancholy, Janina told The Dodo.

Madam Eyebrows might not be in a bad mood, but she sure seems like it!

Mrs. Eyebrows is really kind and upbeat.

The owners of Madam Eyebrows assert that she is a friendly, polite, and happy dog. She is outgoing and considerate of others. Simply put, she doesn't appear to be who she claims to be, which is entertaining.

There are 130K Instagram users that adore following the antics of this sad-looking dog.

Additionally, her owners enjoy dressing her up in tiny, floral garments that stand in stark contrast to Madame's expressions. "She is really delighted," Janina continued. She kisses and wags her tail.

The real Madam Eyebrows emerges as you play with her.

The actual Mrs. Eyebrows, however, appears when individuals play with Mrs. Eyebrows. After a while, it gets harder to see the dejected expression and all you can see is how happy the little lady is.

You only need to spend a short time with her in person to see that she is content, according to Janina. She said her husband concurred with her. "We see more than just her dejected face. It's clear how funny she is! How much she cares about us, too.

This sad-looking dog is all the rage right now. On YouTube, a video featuring her has received around 600,000 views. Many moviegoers felt compelled to share their own message.

One observer commented, "This is an expression that constantly indicates, 'I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.'"

Absolutely beautiful! She is very cute due to that and her wonderful eyes.

I've never seen a prettier puppy than this one, OMG! And as a trainer, I've encountered lots of attractive women.

The video below features more of Madam Eyebrows!

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