Piglet the Pink Puppy Can’t See or Hear, But He Inspires Kids Every Day

 Unfortunately, some breeders fail to consider the potential health issues that may arise when breeding dogs. Piglet is a Chihuahua-Dachshund cross, and both of his parents are dappled. When two dogs of this color mate, the puppies have a 25% chance of being a "double dapple," which is often associated with the puppy being partially or completely blind and deaf. Piglet was one of those puppies and is completely blind and deaf, but that doesn't stop him.

Piglet got his name from his light pink coloring as a puppy. He is a beautiful and adorable dog, but due to his specific needs, he required a family that was willing to provide him with additional care and affection.

History of Piglet

Piglet was discovered with 37 other puppies in a hoarding situation in Georgia. He was then transferred to Connecticut, where he met veterinarian Melissa Shapiro. Shapiro intended to foster Piglet at first, but she quickly fell in love with him. After only two months of fostering him, she realized he belonged with her.

Shapiro already had six dogs, so she was overjoyed to add another. Piglet requires a lot of her time and effort, but he is well worth it.

At first, caring for Piglet felt like a full-time job. He was devoted to Shapiro and screamed whenever he was anxious, which was the majority of the time. If Shapiro left the home, he would have extreme separation anxiety, so she couldn't even leave him alone for the first month.

After a few months in his forever home, Piglet settled into a routine and felt more at peace in his new surroundings. He likes to play with his brothers, go on walks, and travel for business with Shapiro. He refused to let his odd needs keep him from having a happy dog's life.

Piglet's Inspiring New Life

When a third-grade teacher in Plainville, Massachusetts, learned about Piglet's story, she knew she had to tell her kids. She talked about Piglet's positive attitude and how it helped him overcome obstacles. He also urges kids to embrace and celebrate differences.

The kids use Piglet to help them with their development mindset, thus they try to keep a "Piglet frame of mind," and when faced with a difficulty, they ask themselves, "What would Piglet do?" The youngsters send hand-drawn cards to Piglet on a regular basis, which both Shapiro and Piglet enjoy.

Piglet and his family also raise money for special needs rescue dogs. They sell Piglet merchandise such as t-shirts, stickers, magnets, and bags. They have already raised more than $30,000!

Piglet's website also contains a library of instructive PDFs for use in the classroom. Piglet is an inspiration to both humans and dogs, and he works diligently to encourage adoption and provide joy to people all across the world.

In the next years, Shapiro and Piglet will continue to help and inspire others. Piglet had a difficult childhood, but thanks to Shapiro, he is now a symbol of friendship and acceptance. Piglet's story inspires people to adopt, especially pets with special needs like him. They may necessitate additional maintenance, but they are undeniably worthwhile.

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  • Anonymous February 9, 2023 at 7:49 AM

    Quite the emotional story actually, this dog is absolutely precious and I am so happy for his adopted Mom the veterinary. His special needs are extensive and yet he gets around incredibly. It great that he has brothers and sisters who love him and help take care of him. I think it would be amazing and very special for him if they could design a coloclial hearing device especially for him , if they do it for people they could almost definitely do if for him and I believe he absolutely deserves it, he deserves to hear his moms voice and his brothers and sisters, I wish they had a device for sight as he deserves it too.
    Well god bless piglet and his mom and I hope he loves his best life every day!!!!!

    • Anonymous February 9, 2023 at 10:23 AM

      Great idea!

      • Anonymous February 9, 2023 at 8:05 PM

        What a beautiful story. I'm so happy the Vet took him in all he needed was to be loved and a great home.

      • Anonymous February 9, 2023 at 12:59 PM

        An inspirational story! Irresponsible breeders are only interested in money not the well-being of the animals. They should live in a puppy mill.

        • Anonymous October 16, 2023 at 12:22 PM

          Glad piglet is having a life full of love, such a cutie, may he have a long and happy life! ❤️


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