Puppy was dumped in the Streets and Left to End, Because Born with Flipper Feet so Couldn't Be Sold


Ariel, kindly! It's probable that this adorable girl was left on the streets because she couldn't be sold. Even though Ariel's flipper feet were presumably the reason she was abandoned, we think they just make her cuter. This young woman is a warrior, just like so many incredible dogs before her.

She captured the volunteers' hearts at Trenton Animals Rock when she crawled up to them as they were going down the street.

She was initially diagnosed with focamelia, a birth defect caused by the mother ingesting a toxin at a critical time in development.

She has healthy lungs and a heart, but because of her small size, they were unable to perform many diagnostic procedures on her.

Ariel was growing and learning how to act like a typical dog day by day. She made friends in the shelter and was adored by everyone in the spotlight.

She won over the volunteer at the shelter, who decided to foster her. In addition, he has several more dogs. Ariel relaxed around him and developed close bonds with the other dogs.

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