Three-legged dog always mourns for his friends by laying by their gravesites

 It's amazing how emotionally intelligent dogs are. They have the capacity to establish true, devoted bonds with both people and other animals. and appear to understand when a loved one dies

Even dogs, like people, may go through their own periods of mourning. That was the case with one dog, who visited their graves every day after they died away as a means of expressing his love for his friends.

In Mineral Bluff, Georgia, at the Horse Creek Stable Rescue Sanctuary, there lives Golden Retriever Tricycle, a three-legged rescue.

Tricycle has always lived on the farm sanctuary, where he may make friends with a broad range of other animals. The sanctuary will take in a variety of animals with special needs, including dogs, llamas, and alpacas.

Major, a mixed-breed St. Bernard and mastiff, was one of the first animals with whom he formed a connection.

In 2016, Major died tragically, and Tricycle appeared to be inconsolable.

Major received a memorial headstone and was buried on the farm, as do all animal rescuers who pass away. But after burying him, the rescuers noticed something odd: Tricycle would hang around the grave, missing his old friend.

His owners saw he was struggling after three or so days of his visits.

Owner of the sanctuary Lester Aradi told People that everyone must overcome a sense of loss. "Animals too go with loss."

Tricycle has been seen displaying sorrow for each animal that has passed away, demonstrating that he did not simply have a special link with Major.

Shortly after Trixie's recent passing, the puppy was discovered beside her grave.

It's a sweet story that shows how deeply animals can love and how closely human and canine emotions are related.

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