Ukrainian vet refuses to go away and opens an animal hospital in her condominium

 In general, she has up to 70 animals in her home.

When people neglect themselves, good is born...

Such a strong and gorgeous young lady, the world needed more people like her.

Keep up the good effort, and I hope you stay safe.

Since the inception of the (, Paulina, a young veterinarian, has stayed behind to help keep dogs in need.

She continues to help the (inn.ocent) souls that seek her help.

She created a makeshift (beasthos.pital) in her condo and can house up to 70 dogs at any given time!

There are several pets who require her assistance. In her lounge, she runs those who wish (em.ergencysurg.eries).

and offers a safe haven for the others until greater assistance comes.

Paulina has made contact with a sanctuary in Poland, which travels to Ukraine on a regular basis to pick up a number of her creatures.

palms. When she is ready to eva.cuate, they will aid her in finding a place to live in Poland.

You are a true Idol...! Who puts themselves in danger to help those who desire her the most!

We are so sorry for what everyone and their favorite family members are going through!

Thank you so much for catering to these important favorites!

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  • Anonymous November 9, 2022 at 2:33 AM

    Great job well done stay safe.

    • Anonymous December 4, 2022 at 8:11 AM

      Paulina your a brave and dedicated vet to help all the animals in need. I pray that your country will soon see an end to this terrible war.


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