At Least Two Hours a Day, This Cute Golden Retriever Gives Hugs to Strangers She Meets on the Street


Dogs of the Golden Retriever breed are renowned for being loving and kind. The golden retriever is frequently thought of as the ideal family pet by most dog owners.

Louboutina, a well-known golden retriever from Chelsea, New York City, likes to give street hugs to random people. Because she is so adoring and beautiful, the adorable dog has over 58k Instagram followers.

Every day for at least two hours, the endearing golden retriever—named after a French shoe designer—hugs people. Golden retrievers are known for being sociable dogs, in case we missed that.

It's just not your typical hike,

Fernandez-Chavez, her owner, who is 45 years old, continues, "It's just not an ordinary stroll." It's a stroll full of embraces. He goes on to say that many people claim she made their day better. Maybe that was just what they needed after a challenging day at work.

Loubie began holding his hand after her owner's relationship ended in 2014. According to Fernandez-Chavez, she started to stand up and grab hold of my hands with both of her paws before crossing the other paw over the first. My friends and I used to joke that at least I had someone to hold hands with on Valentine's Day.

If you're in New York, send Fernandez-Chavez an email to arrange a hug appointment with Louboutina, who has come to the conclusion that the world needs the warmth his dog provides.

The coziest and warmest embrace may be found in Chelsea, New York City.

where you might encounter Louboutina, New York City's well-known hugging dog.

Loubie and her owner Fernandez-Chavez started kissing around Valentine's Day in 2014. She crossed one paw over the other and grabbed my hands with both of her paws as she started to stand up.

This golden retriever spends over two hours offering hugs to everyone she encounters on her daily stroll. This journey is not like others. Hugs are abundant on the journey.

"People say she made their day better... For instance, that might be exactly what someone needed if they had a challenging day at work. Her owner realized that the world could use a little of the love his dog can give.

Visit Loubie's Instagram account to see more images of her giving hugs.

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