Dоg Waits 4 Yеars ln Thе Samе Spоt Nеar Thе Rоad, Waiting Fоr His Family

 After reading this touching tale, we won't need any additional evidence that a dog's loyalty is unquestionable. The tale of Leo, a devoted dog in Thailand who has spent nearly four years waiting for his owners in the same spot, recently went viral on social media. The fact that a tale like this can only have one happy conclusion is the best part!

When the poor dog's owner unintentionally abandoned him close to a gas station four years ago, everything started. In the interim, people fed the dog in an effort to assist him.

Leo escaped and went back to the location where his family had lost him—on the side of a road—even after Saowalak, a 45-year-old kind woman, took him home.

On the other hand, Leo's story had a happy conclusion about a month ago. Leo appeared to be a stray dog, so Anuchit Uncharoen, a bystander, noticed the helpless dog and asked about him.

As soon as he heard his tale, he turned to Facebook in a last-ditch effort to track down Leo's parents after such a long wait. And then the miracle took place!

Anuchit Uncharoen was contacted by someone who claimed the dog in his photographs was BonBon, a pet they had lost in 2015.

They quickly transported BonBon to their home. Even though he was delighted to see his owner, the dog decided to stick with the woman who had been giving him food all along.

The owners did not like BonBon's choice, but they respected it. In addition, they agreed to visit him and pay his vet bills.

Wishing Leo an extended stay in Saowalak's home!

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