“How A Tiny, Injured Puppy Healed Me When I Needed It Most”

 As a trained warhorse technician, I've encountered lots of hurt puppies. Working in emergency medicine will introduce you to many furry musketeers in need, according to iheartdogs, but one of them particularly touched my heart.

I arrived at the beast sanitarium for work about five times ago, prepared to begin a regular shift. A tiny dog with multiple injuries was lying on the treatment table across the room, obviously traumatized by her traumatic evening.

I walked over and treated the injured puppy as my own because the technician tending to her has several cases. I can still clearly recall how horrified I was to see so many piercing wounds on such a small body. I consider how resilient she was. I became more aware of the dire circumstances in which this poor dog was placed as I learned more about her case.

The injured dog was described as being thrown around like a rag doll after being attacked by two big kids. The owner hurriedly set the new puppy and their two older kids down on the ground in front of her musketeers to show them off. She was shocked when the kids incontinently attacked the small pup because she didn't know proper canine preface.

The 6-week-old puppy was in imminent danger of dying, and her owner was ill-equipped to comprehend how serious the situation was. She had a pet owner who was able to bring the animal in, but he was unaware that the puppy needed care.

She was deemed to have been seriously injured after several diagnoses. She was in shock from her fire, had several broken caricatures, a broken hipsterism, and a broken femur. She had a long road ahead of her even if she managed to survive this trauma.

The young owner was considering taking the dog home in her current condition because she knew she couldn't continue to give the dog what she wanted. At this point, I became deeply involved in this dog's welfare and offered to adopt her. I soon took care of her and started my life with this extraordinary puppy.

After calling her Ellie, the long path to recovery began. I say “ our” because to the struggles I was confronted with at the time, as I had some mending to see in my life as well. Just as I was beginning to sober up, Ellie entered my life and guided me through one of the most arduous pursuit I had ever seen.

Ellie wanted FHO (a hippie form), an external femur fixator for eight weeks, and hospitalisation to get her out of shock. Her treatment was time - consuming and costly, but well worth it in the end. Eight weeks ago, her fixators were removed, allowing her to become the robust puppy she had always wanted to be!

Allie remains to be a true fashion buddy I can ask for. Mary remained at our side through insomniac nights, unsubstantiated sorrow, and every difficulty I would face in my recovery trip.

I'm now five times sober, and I attribute most of my achievement to the love mom offered me during my hardest days. Ellie is my heart doggie in every possible way, and I can't even imagine my life with her!

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  • Anonymous April 8, 2023 at 4:21 AM

    How wonderful. You both needed a buddy and you met at just the right time. God bless you both xx

    • Anonymous April 8, 2023 at 9:04 AM

      Shame the poor little pup, thank u from my heart for taking this baby in and loving it the way u do. M


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