Meet Narwhal, The ‘Unicorn’ Rescue Pet That Has A Tail Rising From His Brow

 While all dogs are good, 10-week-old golden retriever Narwhal is particularly picky. The animal's head is sprouting a cute "unicorn" tail.

Last week, Narwhal and another dog were discovered outside in the hot weather. As soon as Rochelle Steffen, the founder of Mac's Mission in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, learned about Narwhal, she moved quickly to save him.

"We have been tagged in a social media name for support since he was distinctive and had been dumped," Steffen told The Dodo. "All of my friends and other rescues know how much I enjoy the difficult times."

When Steffen first laid eyes on Narwhal, it was love at first sight: "I melted," he remarked. Since his joy fills the entire room, I must confess that I grinned a lot. His face tail does not stop wagging, which is unfortunate. His butt tail never does.

The extra tail on Narwhal is a rare congenital anomaly that is only one-third the size of his normal tail. According to X-rays, the tail is made of skin and hair and isn't attached to anything. Steffen explained, "It just hangs down like a strand of Superman's hair.

Narwhal is completely healthy aside from a worm problem that can be treated with medication. And for the time being, his distinctive tail will remain. According to Steffen, "There isn't a medical reason to take it away at this time, and it doesn't affect him." “He has no concept he is distinctive.”

The oblivious dog is currently staying at Steffen's house and loves to be petted and caressed.

“He likes people and romps round with the opposite canines,” Steffen defined. He favors the adult dog we used to rescue him and another Chihuahua mix named Ash. ” They play in an enormous mass!”

Narwhal will start his quest for a ceaselessly dwelling in a couple of months. However, Steffen is keeping track of him in the interim and making sure his extra tail does not get in the way of him living life to the fullest.


the magical unicorn pet is ecstatic.

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