Mееt Yоgi Thе Dоg With а Hսmаn Fаcе (Vidео)

Meet Yogi, a cute Shih-tzu and pug hybrid dog who is sweeping the internet by storm. No, he doesn't have any special talents, but after his first appearance on Reddit, people began noticing something unusual about the way he seems.

His face reminds me of a human. Oh my gosh, what a sweet baby. I must commend you and your family for providing Yogi with a loving and contented home and family.

Listened man Observe my eyes. Yes, that is all. I understand that you believe that having some space will stop me from running away, especially now that the women in this cute little neighborhood of ors are in the heat, but I assure you that it won't.

Let's leave it at home, will we? Dogs are people; we just don't recognize them as such because they are a different species.

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