Rare Behind The Scenes Look At Rescuing Bait Dogs (This story made me cry)

 Bait dogs are frequently seen after they have been saved or adopted. Among my all-time favorite stories to tell and narrate are a few of these. However, I believe that this video is important because it demonstrates how these dogs are discovered.

By spreading this video, you can draw attention to the appalling lives these dogs had before they were saved and the necessity of more stringent international laws prohibiting dog fighting.

As they discover new dogs being used as "bait" for fighting dogs, Tom McPhee, Executive Director of the World Animal Awareness Society (WA2S), Producer & Director of the American Strays series, joins Michigan Humane Society Officers. Watch as their cameras document the horrifying conditions these dogs are subjected to.

For bait dogs, common issues include broken bones, untreated wounds, tied lips, maggots, and malnutrition.

We respond to dog fights all year long, according to Jenny Jackson, one of the Michigan Humane Society's officers.

The youth of street fighters should be noted. They are just young children who fight any dog they can get their hands on, and they are taking pit bulls, tying them up in abandoned yards, and fighting them in public places. Furthermore, it is doubtful that they will get the proper housing, nutrition, and medical attention. Often, they will simply be forgotten.

Fortunately, the Michigan Animal Shelter and WA2S were nearby to help these two pit bulls. Even so, there are innumerable additional animals that require rescue.

Advisory: This video includes graphic material. But we promise that the story has a happy ending.

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