She Cried a Lot Because Exhausted, Unable to Take Care of Her Puppies.

 Because she was worn out and unable to care for her puppies, she cried a lot.

I'm Paola. She was completely worn out from hunger, and her kids still didn't have any milk to nurse. To get better, they all need to eat and drink.

Poor pets were suffering from bad effects as they died motionless. They may have gone for several days without eating. spending many days in such conditions without milk or food, leaving the puppies to just sleep in the cold.

The mother dog only knows how to bite the discomfort and close her eyes. Her child is still the same, still having to suffer immensely. They were extremely weak . tthey need to mother to get energy.

It is a difficult scenario because the three pitiful pups had been born and raised in poverty.

They cried in despair. Seeing that hurt a kind man's heart, he came even more determined to aid these helpless infants.

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  • Anonymous March 13, 2023 at 11:48 PM

    I hope thoso poor mother and puppy get food and water and gets a loving family and home


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