This Rescue Dog With Unique Features Is Taking Over The Internet

 The internet adores animals, therefore we are happy to welcome a new, distinctive member of the community who hasn't yet won over many hearts. Lucky, a 2-year-old Thai rescue dog, stands out from the crowd thanks to his unique looks, which raise eyebrows (pun intended) and make people wonder if he's a Photoshopped creation.

You're lucky if you receive a two for one deal with Lucky. We can't get enough of the adorable dog whose face resembles a cross between a typical Chihuahua mix and one of James Bond's villains.

"I read a Facebook post stating that Lucky needs to find a new residence. I phoned the owner to ask about adopting the cute dog as soon as I saw him. Although I was taken aback by his appearance, I thought he was ideal and incredibly special," new dog owner Charice Fca Cha told Bored Panda.

When Charice, 29, adopted Lucky almost three weeks ago, she had no idea that the picture of the lovely mixed-breed dog she posted on a Facebook group for dog owners would garner 11,000 likes and more than 600 comments. But we completely see why.

Lucky has brown eyes with one thick arched eyebrow that gives him the appearance of either judging you or seriously pondering conquering the entire world. He also has one pale blue eye that looks like it may pierce right into your very soul. In addition, despite what many people believe, the gorgeous brow was not drawn with a permanent marker.

Some people don't realize this is a real dog with eyebrows; they assume I photo-shopped him or used a permanent marker to draw on his face. And I realize it's difficult to imagine the dog having a perfect eyebrow above a blue eye," Charice remarked.

Lucky is a fairly healthy pup despite his peculiar appearance. People frequently question whether he can see due to his uncommon disease called heterochromia, but Charice assured them that he is not blind and can see everything properly.

Lucky is still adjusting to his new permanent residence and learning how to both give and receive love from people. I realize this is because he has never met other dogs or people, but he is very naughty, hyper, frightened, scared of any sounds and people, and a bit violent.

Charice discussed her up to date experiences. "He occasionally bites Harry, my other dog, because Lucky is so devoted to me. I intend to enroll him in school so that he can develop his social skills. Other than that, he is incredibly affectionate, lively, smart, and he occasionally obeys my commands.

Charice was forced to set up social media accounts for Lucky to provide brief excerpts of his daily life after the unexpected worldwide attention. And I think we can all agree that Lucky has everything he needs to succeed. It's hilarious how many different scenarios people have already come up with for Lucky's unique appearance.

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