Mother Dog Abandoned by Owner, both Legs Crushed by Train, but Still Tries to Care for 4 Small Pups

It's impossible not to cry when you witness the terrible plight of stray dogs who have been abandoned. Not every mother dog, though, is as fearless, strong, and committed to her puppies as Si Bao.

This dog was killed in a collision in which a train crushed her back legs. Its owner had "mercilessly abandoned" the animal. Si Bao's life seemed hopeless until she gave birth to four incredibly lovely and healthy pups, who in essence became the driving force in this poor mother dog's existence.

After regaining the joy of living after having children, Si Bao was able to regain her spirit. She has since continued to care for her children with a strong and resilient attitude. Si Bao moved forward on his two front legs, watching the children intently.

Si Bao's luck only got better when the Jill Robinson-founded charity Animals Asia saved his family and named this brave mother dog as an animal ambassador. Si Bao was consequently relocated to the organization's headquarters where he can begin a new life with his child as opposed to attempting to survive by begging for food scraps from passing passengers along the train track. Only Muddie has been able to remain alive.

In order to move around more easily, Lelly has also changed her name from Si Bao and plans to get prosthetic legs with wheels installed. Only Muddie remained of Lelly's four puppies when the group found them; the other three had already perished from high fevers.

Lelly is currently living life to the fullest as the "Asia animal" ambassador for Animals.

Despite being only a small puppy, Lelly is an example of an unbreakable character who does not yield to hardship.

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