Dоg Withоսt Hаlf Аn Еаr Аnd Infеstеd with Flеаs Rеgаins Fаith Аftеr Spеnding Yеаrs Оn Thе Strееts

A small dog's life should be filled with happiness, love, and a secure roof. Unfortunately, many animals are forced to wander aimlessly on the streets without a place to call home, subjecting themselves to hunger, cold, thirst, and, above all, mistreatment.

Meg the dog has experienced a very difficult life at the age of just three years.

Meg is a small, frosty caramel hue that recently appeared on the porch of a horse's home in Texas, United States. The owner of the establishment was unable to maintain eye contact with her when he first saw her since she was neglected, malnourished, unkempt, and full of fleas.

It was obvious that this mysterious little dog had spent a lot of time on the streets, or at least that is what her deep sad eyes suggested—she appeared to have given up hope of living a century.

The proprietor of the horse posted what occurred on Facebook, and miraculously, it didn't take long for animal-loving angels to appear, ready to do all was possible to assist the frail little one.

Readers from the This is Hoston Shelter, who arrived at the house in order to meet Meg and give her their full drink. As soon as they saw her, they knew they had to act quickly to relieve her of all of her discomfort and melancholy.

The dog was worshipped in every way.

Meg was found to be less than five kilograms in weight. One of the worst cases the evaluating veterinarian has ever seen, she had mange, infections, was missing for half an ear, and was infested with fleas.


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