Woman Adopts Dog For Her Birthday, And Its Before-And-After Photos Say It All

 Dog was adopted by a woman for her birthday, and the four-month before and after pictures speak for themselves. Comments Off

The abundance of gifts we receive is one of the things that makes us so happy about our birthdays. Others take advantage of the opportunity to buy something for themselves on their birthdays. The "crownshyness" user on Imgur recently celebrated her 25th birthday and chose to treat herself by making a new friend.

Teddy was the name she gave to her adopted cattle dog, Australian Shepherd, and Golden Retriever mix. The creature's adorable smile and piercing blue eyes drew this human to him at once. Teddy's new owner claims that he is undeniably attractive to women and deserving of their attention.

"At the humane society, I felt he was so loving and content... "Crownshyness" said, "And then I brought him home and those eyes and ears just came to life! Teddy has encouraged her to be active as the chilly winter months approach. This doggo has the added bonus of having a good snoot to boop, which is another plus. Teddy truly is the total package.

View this good and gorgeous youngster enjoying his new life by scrolling down below. Don't forget to consider the responsibilities that come with owning a dog if you are considering getting one. Maintaining your dog's happiness and health is essential. Adopting a dog rather than purchasing one from a local shelter is a crucial consideration. That is a wonderful and honorable thing to do, isn't it?

Teddy's before and after pictures show a clear difference between how happy he is to have found his forever home. He seems content with his new caretaker. Evidence that adopting a dog makes a positive difference in their entire life. We wish Teddy and "crownshyness" nothing but the best in life. To brighten your friends' and family's days and make Teddy's face over here smile, share this story with them.

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