Homeless Puppy Interrupts 15-year-old Photo Session And Takes Center Stage

 The second protagonist was quite fond of the dog.

The photographer Néster Nez identified his subject as "he, all nice and photogenic, who took the lap that was handed to him" when he shared his image online. Images always outperform words in effectiveness.

Olivia Nez Zaragoza, the young woman who wanted that incident to be recorded in history, had no idea that she would have to contribute significantly to it. For the duration of the photo session, the quinceanera held the dog on her lap and smiled the entire time.

Those who love dogs think that dogs can grow at any time. Several users claim that, in any circumstance, just being there brings a unique excitement and sensitivity that elevates every moment.

Cuba's Plaza de La Viga, which has played host to a number of events focused on feminine beauty, served as the setting for the strange picture shoot. I signal to Oli as he curiously approaches, recounts Nester, "He curiously approaches as we pass, making us uneasy due to the session of fifteen, the timetables, and the light.

The visit was really pleasurable because the creature was quite beautiful and boldly leaned on the girl's clothing. Los quince de Firulais is the name given to this publication by Internet users who were smitten with the photograph.

Observed the photographer, "The other two were them: Olivia, who not only caressed him but also sat down, and Firulais, who was all smiles and accepted the lap they provided him. What a beautiful quinceaera, and what a beautiful smile. One of the persons who found the story claimed that she liked it, as evidenced by the photo. The image received more than 5,000 "likes" on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, the fo

The gift received the following comments: "The best present she could have," The fifteen-year-old appears like a bridesmaid, and they resemble the XV of Firulais. Also, "How great the girl's empathy when playing with the dog, humility above all "

Despite the dog's kind disposition, photographer Nester claimed that he was already the owner of many animals and could not accept the pup into his home. But, he advised people to take in street animals who need care.

According to certain comments made by various persons in the publication, the dog was apparently adopted by a family who would care for it, albeit the photographer has not confirmed this information.

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