Biker sees man beating dog on highway so he rescues the canine and makes him his new co-pilot

This man displayed bravery by protecting the helpless dog, and the best part is that he gave the puppy another chance.

On Valentine's Day, a biker named Brandon Turnbow demonstrated his sincere love by putting everything on hold to help a small dog who was being mistreated.

Turnbow was riding his motorcycle along Highway 171 as he headed to Texas to spend the day riding with his father.

Turnbow saw a terrible man running down the roadway and hitting a little Jack Russell. He was astonished and decided on the spot to tell the man what was on his mind. The man threw the puppy on the curb and dashed off before he could respond.

Turnbow realized he couldn't leave the hurt and scared dog alone and cautiously walked up to him. He was afraid the dog would run into the approaching traffic, but he did not move.

"I take a chance and just fold my body over him to see if he will bite or trust me," Turnbow wrote on Facebook. I stood up and picked him up off the bike seat as he began to rock his body against mine. "What happens now?" I thought.

Even though Turnbow was aware of how urgent the situation was, he didn't want to scare the dog further. Before continuing on his journey, he started the motorcycle to help the puppy get used to the vibrations. As soon as the tiny Jack Russell appeared at ease, Turnbow placed it in his backpack.

He fell in love when the dog's big eyes locked on his.

The driver continued, saying, "I saw this guy throw the dog up in the air and drive off in my rearview mirror." Brandon wrote on Facebook, "I chased him down just to give him the number one sign." Likewise, Mr. DAVIDSON, my new copilot.

That same day, Turnbow adopted the puppy and named him Mr. Davidson in homage to his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The good news is that Mr. Davidson enjoyed riding Turnbow's motorcycle!

I extended my gaze back as far as I could and was amazed to see the dog seem to enjoy the ride. Mr. Davidson was overjoyed to find that the trip back to my house would just be 45 kilometers long! He might have found me annoying because I occasionally obstructed his airflow.

The 10-year-old dog quickly made himself at home and developed feelings for his new owner.

Mr. Davidson loved Turnbow as much as he loved the dog. He even composed a moving song about the animal.

Mr. Davidson is still madly in love with Turnbow two years after being saved.

After a long day at work, the two enjoy unwinding by the fire!

Turnbow had the good fortune to be in the right place at the right timing to save this orphaned puppy. We are overjoyed to see these two interacting well!

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