Every day, a stray dog comes to the sandwich store for a free dinner.

Although we all wish that every animal would find a loving, permanent home, the reality is that many stray cats and dogs are left to fend for themselves.

However, some of these dogs are allowed to live on because kind people are generous and provide them food and shelter. And one stray dog knows where she should go for nourishment because she has made herself into a beloved regular at one fast food restaurant.

Gio, a Mexican TikTok user, told the world about "Subway Sally," a stray dog who frequents the Subway sandwich store he works at every evening to get a snack.

And the staff will gladly comply. In a TikTok video, Gio states, "We constantly feed her."

Sally gladly consumes the bits of cold turkey and bacon that he offers her.

Gio claims that although while feeding a starving dog is a great thing to do, sometimes you just have to keep your regular clients happy. He asserts that Sally will go to Taco Bell next door if they put off feeding her for too long.

Since the video became popular on TikTok, it has gained over 3 million views.

@kxnuko I adore her, much as I do adorable pups, stray dogs, and subway mascots. Lord Huron's song "The Night We Met"

Many people were interested in learning more about Sally because of her popularity on the internet. Some people commented that Sally didn't look like she was a stray since she was too well-groomed.

In a later movie, Gio re-feeds Sally, underlining that she is a stray who only has a respectable appearance due to the "flower woman next door" grooming her.

He said that the fact that the closest shelter was 20 miles distant and a high-kill facility prevented him from taking the dog there.

Why Gio doesn't bring the dog home by himself has been questioned by others. He said that since the dog was in a low-income neighborhood and he already had five cats, he had a hard time finding someone who could take care of it.

In a third video, Gio asserted, "Our community has a lot of stray dogs." "My neighborhood is terribly neglected. For many individuals, feeding pets can be pricey.

Sally didn't seem to want to be taken advantage of, according to Gio: "Many people have tried taking her, but she never wants to go." I believe she has a regular place where she goes to sleep and perhaps where she keeps an eye on her puppies.

At the very least, it is heartening to see people go above and beyond to take care of the stray animals in their community.

Don't worry, Gio reassured her, "My coworkers and I will still feed her."

Gio and his coworkers deserve praise for preventing this famished puppy from going hungry. Share this amazing story!


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