Scared Little Puppy Hide From People & Received My Giant Love

 The National Rescue Center for Animals Care Media has its headquarters in Mexico and several minor outlying offices. Animals are not valued in this community since the population is still underprivileged. As a result, animals are frequently abandoned, live in landfills, and lack respect. Their goal is to rehabilitate many damaged animals in addition to adopting out abandoned animals.

A video depicting a little dog living next to a dump was provided to Animals Care Media by a subscriber. The sad dog, who doesn't trust people, was hunting for food nearby.

When the kind man couldn't catch him, he phoned the Animals Care Media. A rescuer went there and searched every dump but was unable in finding him. Finally, he discovered him huddled behind some logs in quest of warmth.

The rescuer brought him home, performed some tests, and fed him. The male dog weighs 1.8 kg and is roughly 2-3 months old. He is healthy, witty, and enthusiastic.

Please TELL your family and friends about his tale!

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