Shelter dog with ‘no hope left’ finds someone to give her ‘second chance’

 Animal shelters, rescue groups, rescuers, foster parents, and other adoptees advise adopting whenever possible when choosing a furry child.

The canines at the shelter hunger for a friend and secure housing. While some dogs are adopted immediately away, others must wait several days, weeks, or even months before they can go home.

It is unusual to keep abandoned canines at the shelter for longer than a year since the facility needs room to accommodate new canine rescues.

What transpires to abandoned dogs?

Others are relocated to different shelters. Some canines, particularly those who are extremely ill, are however put to death.

Lady nearly died as a result of it. Despite the fact that Lady was supposed to be put to death, she would get another chance.

When Shelly went to the shelter, she noticed Lady's name on the list of dogs that would be put to sleep that day. That would not be permitted by Shelly. She thought Lady was such a happy, loving, and nice dog.

She is deserving of another chance. Shelly pleaded with the caller who had spared Lady to remove her from the list because "she'll make somebody very happy."

Because of this, Shelly was able to adopt Lady and save this dog's life.

Amy had also met Lady thanks to Shelly. When they decided they wanted a puppy, Amy and her roommate came across Lady. Short version: they decided to adopt Lady.

Amy allegedly said that when they first saw Lady, she got out of the car and leaped on them, kissing them. 

She rolled onto her back so they could massage her belly.

She was just trying to look like the cutest teen.We fell head over heels for her right away. Unlike other dogs, she is special. I swear, she's like a human," Amy said of one of the GeoBeats animals.

Since that first day, Amy and Lady have spent every minute of every day together. She's become Amy's best friend and the only one who can genuinely understand her. The best outcomes for Amy's mental health difficulties came through Lady's treatment.

Amy did, however, have a request for Lady. She wanted another dog, hoping it would become Lady's best companion.

A few years later, Amy learned that Gus had experienced significant emotional trauma and anxiety problems.

Gus' adoption petition will be submitted, they decide. When Gus entered their lives, they did not acclaim him warmly. Additionally, he despised Lady and didn't want to speak to her.

It dashed their hopes and broke their hearts. They were aware of Gus's troubled past and the likelihood that he had problems trusting others.

Amy pleaded with them to give Gus the time and space he requires to adjust to their home and way of life.

Gus had arrived at a point in his journey where he could trust his chosen family after a protracted and challenging journey. They also learned that his three biggest fears are driving, loud noises, and being alone.

He didn't know what to do when the first thunderstorm they had as a new family hit. He was sweating and pacing, drooling.Everything for them changed on that particular evening. Gus cuddled up to Lady before scurrying to Amy for solace and dozing off. Since then, Gus has sought solace from Lady.

Despite the possibility that Lady and Gus have already been left behind, Amy repeatedly assures them that she will watch out for them and not abandon them.

Watch the video below to learn more about Lady and Gus.

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