The poor dog’s last goodbyes lay beside his sister in her final moments, comforting her and refusing to leave half a step

 After her sister was struck by a car, this three-month-old puppy wouldn't leave the side of the lifeless animal.

The frightened dog stayed with the female puppy for two days before someone who was nice buried her.

In the Sichuan Province of southwest China's Pixian County, witnesses claimed to have seen two dogs—one brown and one grey—lying in the middle of the road.

The brown puppy would jump up and bark anytime a car approached, protecting the grey puppy's body from being struck by any passing vehicles.

They remained there for several days before someone helped them to safety on the side of the road.

After then, a different member of the public dug a grave for the grey dog. Its sibling jumped into the hole even then, unwilling to abandon its companion.

Finally, staff members were able to fetch the brown dog from the adjacent animal shelter where it was being taken care of.

Pets today provide emotional support, companionship, loneliness reduction, and stress reduction. Additionally, it supports pleasant feelings and strong self-esteem, especially in children. And although while many people adore their dog or cat and would never consider giving it up, think of it as a member of the family. When a family is devoted, adoption is their final recourse because coexistence between people and animals frequently fails and occasionally the relationship does not work out. There are many reasons why animals are left on the streets, including a lack of time to give them the attention they need, financial problems, undesired litters, and parental difficulties. children, new relatives, or losing their house. However, what these creatures actually experience is that some are fortunate while others aren't.

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