The Unconditional Love of a Dog: Exhausted Pursuit, Desperate for One Last Look at Its Beloved Owner.

 The canine followed its owner inside the flower-decorated car and leaned up against the car's body to peer inside so that its owner could see.

Allen Ko was there at a wedding in Guangdong, China, when his family took this heartfelt photo.

It seemed to be trying to speak as it lowered its ears and focused back on its mistress. According to Gougou, Ojou-sama was departing this time and wouldn't be returning for a while. Because of how badly damaged it appeared, people became quite emotional.

The dog's sorrowful eyes appear to be pleading with the owner to stay as he gets on the flower car. Typically, the dog's owner plays with and cares for the animal while standing fairly close by.

The dog's lovely owner began crying hysterically as she noticed the same endearing message in the dog.

She held out her hand and, as she often did, gently stroked the enormous dog's head.

The dog in the Bored Panda image appears to believe that its owner will be gone for a considerable amount of time before returning.For the past ten years, the lovely bride and Gougou have apparently been playing, sleeping, and exploring the garden together. It's apparent that Gougou was present for everything during her formative years.

The bride, Carrie Ho,'s confessions have made it clear why the moment of departure is so sentimental and lovely. Despite the fact that they are not related by species or tongue, growing up together has allowed them to develop the strongest of ties.

Dogs make excellent human companions because they are loyal and dedicated.

More accounts of canine and human relationships exist. Even if his owner wasn't happy, the story of Hachiko, the dog who went to the train station every day to wait for his owner to come back, is only one of many comparable tales that have been told in the past. and never return.

Or stories about dogs who would risk their own lives to defend their owners.

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