Toddler Insists On Holding The Leash When Taking Her Deaf-Blind Dog For A Walk

When the dog was brought away to be put to sleep owing to her problems, she was only 12 weeks old. She is currently the world's best friend for a young girl, nevertheless!

Due to her birth defects, Echo the Great Dane was considered a "unwanted burden" by her owner. The dog, who was only 12 weeks old, was set to be put down when Marion Dwyer saw her and intervened. After picking up Echo, Marion took her directly to her residence in Niagara Falls, New York.

Echo overcame her shortcomings to develop into the cutest and most devoted pup. But until Echo became pregnant, Marion didn't really start to notice much of a change in Echo's behavior. Throughout Marion's pregnancy, Echo was constantly nearby and held the unborn child as though she already knew it was her "favorite human" within.

Ever since Jennie was born, Echo has been an excellent big sister. She always monitors her and never, ever leaves her young child unattended. Together, they eat, play, and sleep. They only lately began taking walks. Marion believes that all human speaking is inferior to the "language" that Jennie and Echo use to "speak"!

Jennie, a 17-month-old, and her dog sister shock us with their close attachment in this clip. While walking around the neighborhood with Echo, the large dog proudly defends Jennie from harm, and the youngster appears content. This heartwarming tale shows how canines with disabilities may remain loyal to their owners and deserve a second chance.

See how loyal and true Echo is to Jennie, a young child who is deaf and blind, in the video below.

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  • Anonymous May 25, 2023 at 2:16 AM

    This is super unclear. Who is deaf? The pup or the child?


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