Barclay The Golden Retriever Befriended A Duck And They Are Inseparable Besties.

How many adorable animal romances have we witnessed? probably a lot. The number of beautiful interspecies encounters on the internet disproves the notion that empathy and inclusion are human traits.

Our animals can develop enduring friendships, just like individuals of other species can. When they do, they look stunning. Undoubtedly, some of these animal connections have occurred in our own homes.

Rudy and Barclay, two golden retrievers, are best friends in every way. It's wonderful to see the dog and duck spending so much time together, even though their strange courtship is mostly motivated by a desire for food. One of the seven ducks Pam Ishiguro keeps in Orange County is named Rudy. She stated that her dog Barclay wasn't pleased when she originally got the flock of ducks.

The dog wasn't at all interested in the ducks at first, but he soon understood that a friendship with them meant an unending supply of food. Barclay enjoys eating the food that the ducks eat, according to the ducks' owner.

No matter how they met, the dog and duck are madly in love. Despite Rudy being the stronger person in the pair and having a tendency to order the weaker Barclay around, Ishiguro saw that Rudy and Barclay got along.

Ishiguro claimed that they had a love-hate relationship. When they are together, they constantly leap over or chase one another, but when they are apart, they shout at one another nonstop. It appears that siblings are participating. Check out the video below.

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