Being Shooed Away Everywhere, Dog Mom Just Used Her Body To Protect Her Only Puppy Left

 A mother was shoved away by a lunatic because she had nowhere to go! She merely used her body to safeguard the final member of her family. As she rushed away, he recorded it on video and uploaded it online.

I will never know how ill the man is! The neighborhood's animal authority stepped in when the video became well-known.

They instantly located it and hastened to assist her. They rushed her to the veterinary hospital with the infant.

Unknown circumstances led to the back leg of the mother dog breaking. On the tiny body of her kid, over a thousand parasites had established a home.

It was time for a get-together the following day in the veterinarian's private treatment area. They were permitted to go to the animal shelter once they had recovered their health.

Now that they are both safe, they are both given the names Mika and Kenneth.

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