Heartbreaking scene of a pet dog screaming in pain because of hundreds of thorns growing on its mouth.

 Thor's owner found the dog in Sao Paulo, Brazil, impaled on several quills. The images depict a golden-brown dog with hundreds of yellow quills covering its muzzle, forehead, nose, ears, and legs.

When Adriano Bertoline, an unemployed man, realized he couldn't afford a vet bill, he started an online fundraising campaign to pay for care.

Dr. Jose Roberto Apolari, a local politician, stepped in to help, transporting Thor to the hospital and offering financial assistance.

According to reports, the three-year-old Thor battled a porcupine for the second time in a year while sustaining horrible injuries.

After discovering Thor impaled by porcupine quills and requesting assistance in getting him medical attention, Bertoline posted a request for assistance online.

Everyone have a wonderful morning," he tweeted. When I woke up this morning, my dog was in this situation. Can a veterinarian or a hospital help him? Concerned that I cannot afford it.

After hearing the dog owner's request, councilor Dr. Jose Roberto Apolari made the decision to assist.

Adriano said in a Facebook post that "Dr. Apolari was an angel in my dog's life since I couldn't afford a private veterinarian." I currently don't have a job and have four kids at home.

Adriano claims that after taking Thor to the veterinarian and covering the cost of the visit, the councilman brought the dog to his home.

According to Thor's owner, this is the dog's second encounter with a porcupine in a year.

In February 2021, Adriano's friend, who at the time worked at a private veterinary clinic, helped the hurt dog.

A dog attacked the porcupine, although it wasn't immediately clear how it was doing.

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