Help Needed: Stranded Dog Seeks Assistance to Save Injured Companion After Accident on the Road

 Millions of canines perish in auto accidents, if not more. The bad thing is that even though they are the ones who caused the animals' pain, folks who hurt and kill these defenseless animals have no guilt and continue living their lives on their own.

Because of the carelessness of another person, this sorrowful little boy and his dying friend were left by the side of the road. The unhappy dog was drenched in blood, suffering from wounds that made his face sorrowful, and he was witnessing his friend die in front of him. The scene was terribly terrible and gory.

The incident took place in a tiny Chinese city. A local person got in touch with a team of animal rescuers. When one of the volunteers hurried to the scene of the accident, the dejected dog was still seated next to his companion.

The volunteer inspected the dying puppy right quickly, but it was too late; it had already died. However, the puppy didn't show any symptoms of harm and seemed to be in good health.

He followed the two. He bathed the dog, fed him, and removed the fleas and blood from him.

He then took him to his comrade's grave. It was excruciating to see.

The puppy was afraid after the accident, but with love and care from those he meets in the shelter and those who devote their entire lives to assisting and saving these priceless beings, he will recover.

Don't leave without sharing his motivational tale with someone. I truly hope that whoever wants to adopt this sweet spirit finds them.

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