Man Rescues Poor Abandoned Puppy And Enriches Him With A Loving Forever Home

a touching moment Meets the Person Who Prevented the Death of the Pit Bull Puppy

There are many wonderful moments that are only made possible by the selfless efforts of volunteers, despite the fact that it may be challenging at times.

A marine biologist from Nova Scotia, Canada named Joey Wagner works as a volunteer at the Baie Ste Marie Animal Society. In 2013, Joey was alerted to a pit bull mix dog that had been brutally mistreated and required some sensitive loving care. Just before the dog was about to pass away, Joey arrived.

For treatment of acute dehydration and demodectic mange, Joey and the rescue team sent the puppy, whose they named Mojo, to Parade Street Vet, PEI Small Animal Hospital. By the time he was three months old, he had completely lost all of his fur and was covered with mite bites. The puppy's mange was getting worse due to starvation and his unsanitary living conditions, and the dog shouted out in pain while Joey watched.

Joey stated on Facebook that "When Mojo was surrendered, it was a very short process and a very emotional time." Despite numerous requests, we chose not to adopt him due to his critical medical condition.

Joey and his wife Leta fell in love with Mojo as he fought for his life. Mojo shown a great capacity for forgiving others and compassion despite the awful hardship he had gone through. Many others sought his support after learning about his issues.

Mojo are very determined to live. Joey muses.

Once he was able to discover his dream family, Joey was the first in line to complete the adoption paperwork. Given that Joey has always been with Mojo, the shelter naturally authorized the adoption. Nobody could have expected the puppy's joyful reaction upon reuniting with his rescuer on the day Joey arrived to bring Mojo home!

Mojo's small tail started to wag the moment he saw Joey. Joey's face was covered in kisses as he writhed his entire body to get closer to his new father. As Mojo thanked him for giving him another chance at life, Joey couldn't help but smile.

The vet hugged and kissed Joey as he dropped into his arms, saying, "He definitely remembers you." A dog has never been so content before!

The world has been savoring Joey and Mojo's lovely reunion for more than seven years. Now that Mojo is a part of Joey and Leta's team, he is content and well-cared for. His fur never fully returned, but he doesn't seem to care. The Wagner family has since used his story to encourage others and raise money for animal rescue organizations.

Mojo's subtle response demonstrated that animals are intelligence. When Mojo was at his most defenseless, Joey had helped him. They are a close distance apart.

Please watch the video below to witness Mojo's endearing answer.

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