Puppy Found Abandoned On Street With Broken And Bandaged Legs Unable To Move Crying In Hunger And Pain

Many times, people do not have the means to assist injured stray animals they observe on the streets.

Scooter, a dog that had sustained a serious injury, had received aid, but for whatever reason the rehabilitation couldn't be finished.

When she was discovered on the streets of Kolkata, India, she was in terrible condition. His back legs were shackled, preventing him from moving, and one of the many wounds on his body was festering and infested with maggots.

She was found by people who believed she had been mauled by another dog.

Scooter had two fractured hind legs and bacterial sores, so she was carefully lifted up and taken to an animal hospital. Poor thing had a hard time getting better.

When Scooter was prepared to be adopted by a family, he had been getting treatment for a number of months.

Scooter, according to Paw My Gosh, was sought after by Alexandra Gade for a number of months before to relocating to Virginia to live with her new family, who gave her the nickname Dobby.

Dobby's body is covered in scars, which show that he endured a lot of pain while still a puppy.

You can help us recognize the animal heroes who saved her, took care of her, and ultimately adopted her by telling others about her story.

Watch Dobby's incredible recovery in the video below.

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