She Had Been Thrown Out Of Her Car And Spent Days Curled Up In The Snow Trying To Warm Herself Up

 Emmy, a pit bull mix, was abandoned outside as temperatures dropped below zero last week. The elderly dog's only option after her family abandoned her in Ecorse, Michigan, during a blizzard was to curl up in a ball for warmth and wait to be rescued.

Fortunately, a little layer of snow had barely begun to cover Emmy's fur when rescuers came across her.

Lauren Boesen, a member of the board for P.O.E.T. Animal Rescue, stated, "She had been outside for a day and a half in the bad weather." The outside temperature was about two degrees Fahrenheit, and there were 30 mph winds.

Emmy is currently in the care of P.O.E.T. Animal Rescue, but it took cooperation from a number of agencies to get her out of her chilly outside situation and to a doctor who could provide her the crucial medical care.

When Friends of River Rouge Animal Shelter became aware of Emmy, it quickly issued a request for assistance on social media. After seeing the post, the director of The PAWS Clinic, a nearby spay and neuter facility, offered to take the dog to the vet. After being brought by the owner to the Pet Care Clinic Lincoln Park, Emmy was given a thorough examination by a team of veterinarians.

She was terribly underweight, according to Boesen. Everyone thought she wouldn't make it.

In addition to having fleas and pressure sores on her knees and elbows, Emmy was underweight. Veterinarian authorities estimated her age to be 8 or 9.

According to Boesen, she was likely kept in a cage for a very long time. She undoubtedly had a bad history.

After a more thorough examination, it was determined that Emmy needed to be rushed immediately to an emergency veterinary hospital. The pals from P.O.E.T. Animal Rescue then showed up.

Boesen claims that a handful of our board members put everything on hold in order to pick her up from the vet and transport her to the emergency room. She was apparently discovered curled up in a ball in the back seat of the car.

Just a few hours after being saved from an ice road, Emmy was being cared for by an emergency vet team. She was still cold, and they wanted to warm her up so that her wounds might begin to heal.

The emergency vet team quickly developed feelings for Emmy.

According to Boesen, they called her the sweetest girl and said she always waved her tail to welcome guests.

By Saturday morning, when her temperature had stabilized, Emmy was prepared to be placed in a foster family. She was astounded by how drastically the pup's demeanor had changed in just one day when Boesen showed up to pick her up.

Boesen continued, "She waved her tail and came into the lobby. She greeted us, cried in the hallway, and begged for more people to console her.

Before heading to Emmy's foster home, Boesen and Emmy paid a visit to P.O.E.T. Animal Rescue. She moved in there right away and settled down.

She was brought to our shelter and immediately leapt onto the sofa, according to Boesen. "I was surprised,"

Emmy was ready for a loving home, and a seasoned foster family was anxious to take her in, as Boesen could see.

Emmy's foster home is only a temporary arrangement, but she is already getting the care she has always deserved. Two days after being saved, the puppy was snuggling under a Christmas tree with her foster dog siblings while dressed in matching holiday pajamas.

In a few weeks, Emmy will be ready to return to foster care, and Boesen hopes that her new family will be her permanent home.

She was dubbed the cutest girl ever by Boesen. She deserves to have access to everything.

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