Sick dog was tied up and abandoned in the middle of a public road. He spent days living on the sidewalk

 His owners left him unattended in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, where he was found the next day by a young rescuer and taken to the vet. He is currently getting well at a shelter after having scabies, a fever, and dehydration.

Puppies should be loved no matter their age or condition, not simply while they are young and healthy. 

When dog owners genuinely care for their canines, they will make time and even financial sacrifices to help them advance. However, some people fail to grasp this idea and choose to distance themselves from them when they start to bother them.

A dog in Bolivia appears to have been abandoned by his owner after becoming ill; he was found curled up on the sidewalk with food and water close by.

A woman flies 2,500 miles with an abused puppy before expressing her love.

A few yards from Manzana Uno in Santa Cruz, they tied a vivid blue rope to the front of an old house and put a white sheet around the dog. This was done on the busy Ingavi street.

Despite the heartbreaking situation, the puppy was chained up for two days in the same site where he had been dumped. Edgar Ortega, a young man who frequently rescues dumped animals, arrived at the location and was welcomed by Wilma Rodriguez, the parking lot manager, who looked after the dog.

The woman who looked after him gave him the name Bobby, and he was sent to a South American vet who treated him as an emergency. He had scabies and anemia all over his body, as well as a temperature and dehydration.

On Monday, Bobby, who is about three years old, must visit the vet again for additional examinations and to continue his recovery. The baby animal is currently living in a wooden house where he won't be cold again as he waits to be adopted by a family.

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