The girl rescued a big dog from the market. Nobody loved it, while it wanted warmth and happiness


They had a really huge dog, and their voyage began in the yard of a high-rise building. The savage dogs attacked the shepherd, who was helpless to defend herself.

But the sheepdog's owner didn't hesitate and grabbed the board to fend off the menacing barking mongrels. The small boy yelled "Dolph!" and ran to hug the big dog as soon as the shepherd was freed.

A shepherd dog that had been abandoned and given no name as a result was quickly taken in by a kind family. The bodyguard of the tall, nice, shaggy man began to feel awful for him right away. He assisted him in getting into his car and drove him to the veterinary clinic.

The examination revealed that the dog was healthy overall but should have been fed correctly. When the puppy approached the dacha and immediately began to run about the expansive yard, Dolph was delighted.

He travels the country with his owners as an integral member of the family, and he particularly loves to fish and eat delicious fish. In order to collect the shaggy wool from every nook and cranny of the house, the owners had to buy two robotic vacuum cleaners at once.

Dolph has grown to be the young child's closest friend. She wants to live with Dolph when she grows up because they like to play together and cuddle before bed.

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