The Inspiring Tale of an Elderly Dog’s Battle with Bone Cancer Amid Neglect

An old dog that was seriously ill was chained and denied food and water, according to a report that GWARP received on September 22. GWARP has always placed a high priority on animal rescue, but this is unique.

It is believed that the dog, who has been chained up for a very long period and who has only ever been fed garbage and feces, has osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer.

This is unfortunate because the individual who reported it witnessed the dog's drunk owner beating her viciously. According to the expert, this type of cancer is typically brought on by severe injury and an infection that manifests as a tumor. He kept it locked up and concealed in his yard for many years. It was only able to move two feet thanks to the frail metal chain.

However, when the GWARP rescue team requested to save the child, the owner objected, claiming that they could not remove "his property." As a result, they requested assistance from the local police.

When we left him and went to speak with the police, the dog "almost sobbed". After a while, when we could provide the owner with the necessary papers, the owner changed his mind. He asserted that taking the dog away would require "reporting" him.


We consented because the unfortunate animal required an immediate inspection and blood test. Our tiny child also requires an immediate amputation; he will receive cloth samples. There's still a lot to do.

Osteosarcoma is a dangerous type of bone cancer that can be seen on X-rays. Fortunately, his white lung has not spread, but even so, his odds of living are quite slim. The skin, however, is beginning to break as a result of the tumor's rapid growth. It continues to grow every day.

Jordan took a long bath to wash away his terrible background and the negative energy his previous owner had left behind.

Jordan cannot receive assistance in Azerbaijan, which is unfortunate because he needs to advance before leaving for Turkey. He has a few days before his scheduled departure.

Prior to the procedure, Jordan traveled to Istanbul and received a brief anesthesia so that full-body X-rays could be taken.

All went well when Jordan had his malignant limb removed. Throughout the process, nothing went wrong.

On the third day, Jordan had his leg amputated. He soon picked up new skills and adapted to his new life. He shortly became hungry again and adored our dinner.

Continue to wish him a speedy recovery and a long, healthy life. We all love you, Jordan.

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