The miracle has come to the abandoned blind dog, now has a new home, a new owner and a happy life once again.

 Thankfully, there are angels on Earth who aren't afraid to show how powerful love is and how it can help even the most helpless people overcome hardship and find pleasure.

Puddin is a cute little dog that struggled as a puppy. When she was just five months old, her former owners in Texas, USA, saved her. Nevertheless, she went untreated, and six weeks later she passed away from an eye infection that had left her blind.

She tragically went blind when she was still quite young.

When she came to the Texas Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), she was completely blind. Her eyes had to be taken out, and the sockets around her eyes had to be repaired.

Its current owner, 22-year-old student Cory Gonzales of Lubbock, Texas, claimed that when she bought it, it was ruined because its former owners had neglected it and refused to sell it.

Puddin's eyes were entirely gone by the time the animal rights organization eventually prevailed since the animal protection group filed their lawsuit later than anticipated.

Puddin was brought to the clinic when the SPCA discovered she had a serious eye infection; the doctor informed her that the disease may lead to blindness.

When his eyes were examined more closely, it was clear that he was in a lot of pain.

Puddin is blind, but his joy spreads quickly. His enthusiasm for life is inspiring. This small child has had a profound impact on many people on social media.

In order to enhance his quality of life, his eyes were removed.

Since adopting Puddin three months ago, Cory has been chronicling his travels on her Instagram page.

It has a substantial social media presence with more than 8,000 followers.

Puddin's admirers like seeing him gain new skills. They show the pleasure and tenacity with which she lives her life every day.

Cory refers to her as "a brave girl." She enjoys taking protracted naps, playing with her paws, and cuddling with her dad.

"As soon as I saw Puddin online, I fell in love with her." After I had taken her in, I went to see her the following day. "I think our meeting is a blessing for both of us,"

She is a fantastic example of love and joy even at the small age of five months. She has adapted to her new life amazingly well.

He even knows how to avoid running into things. It is breathtaking to see.

She has mastered running, finding her toys, and enjoying her sense of smell despite being blind.

For the rest of the world, Cory is a godsend for showing love and compassion to those who have endured such extreme pain. He appreciates having her as a pet and gets to spend time with her every day. Don't stop sharing this inspiring tale with your friends and family.

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