The poor dog lost part of his face and was abandoned by his owner, but luck came to him, making his life seem to turn a new page better than ever.


Everyone loves cute dogs. However, even the most odd canines have attractive personalities on the inside, and they are all worthy of our love. According to certain animal shelters, "ugly" dogs are less likely to be adopted, thus they must persuade prospective owners to overlook aesthetic flaws.

One dog's family had to leave him behind due to a physical impairment, and they were concerned about what would happen to him. But he got the love and attention he needed from a tiny band of compassionate rescuers. Animal control officers in Huntsville, Texas, acquired Bjarni, a mixed-breed dog with a remarkable look, in 2015.

Half of the dog's lips and nose were gone. Since he was attacked by another animal, he has crooked teeth and bite marks. He was having trouble breathing and eating. The owners of Bjarni were found by animal control officers. Sadly, it appears that they had little desire to get their puppy and instead chose to let him pass away.

Bjarni was returned to the shelter when his family turned around. Thankfully, a few guardian angels intervened to make sure the sick dog received the treatment he required.

The founder of the Texas-based animal rescue group St. Francis' Angels, Anne Graber, took Bjarni in after learning about his illness and pledged to care for him until he was well enough to be adopted. Despite his physical restrictions, Graber describes the dog as "vivacious and charming".

Graber searched for clinics that offered the procedure since she was committed to improving Bjarni's appearance. The Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists' Jason Balara was found and consented to rebuild the dog's snout. St. Francis' Angels donated money for medical expenses via their Facebook page. Additionally, many people gave, giving $5,100 in in-kind gifts to the cause.

Bjarni's sinus and nasal canals were also rebuilt over the course of treatment. Graber projected that the surgery will make the dog "very cute and very adoptable," make it easier for him to breathe and feed himself, and improve his appearance. Given that Bjarni turned out to be a quite different dog, that was a significant accomplishment.

Bjarni had new life after his surgery. A new family received him a few months later. Graber asserts that she was happy to assist Bjarni since she is aware of how his situation would have changed if she hadn't.

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