Timely rescue the poor dog chained and abandoned in the desert.

A leashed, abandoned dog was found fastened to a tree in a remote rural area where no one goes. The canine's assailant is still at large.

A wicked person was to blame for this calamity. A bystander heard the puppy pleading for help and intervened to save him. It was bound all over and seemed to be in bad shape.

Eventually, the dog's owner was able to raise it and remove the chain. The dog, Steel, was really scared. He was considerably more frightened knowing someone was there. However, as soon as it became clear that the man was being sensitive, it began to relax.

He washed it up when he got home and gave it milk to drink.

Milk was ingested by the dog like it had been famished for a very long time. Watching it consume milk was amusing.

The vet then started caring for the animal. It was then taken to a facility for animals, where it was given exceptional care.

It now offers happy living for animals in a sanctuary.

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