Touching love Mother dog tries to push puppy out of cage to slaughterhouse causing fever


A young male singer recently posted a picture of a mother dog struggling to release her pup from an iron cage on his Facebook page.

expecting to die in a cage while carrying a child. pregnant. Within the cage, this dog gave birth. He made an unsuccessful attempt to force his infant out of the nasty cage.

This image received 1000 likes, hundreds of shares, and dozens of comments within an hour of posting.

The heartbreaking image shows a frightened little dog desperately trying to get its head through the iron bars of the tiny cage it was born in.

I watched the puppy struggle to get out of the tiny cage as I stood next to the poor mother dog. The sight of the mother dog bent down next to the puppy trying to escape the cage brings viewers to tears.

Imagine the puppy not having access to her mother's milk and imagine how heartbreaking it must be for the mother to watch her red baby mature and approach death. Why was his birthplace so tough when he is a young person who has only just began to exist?

The image of a newborn dog with closed eyes on the "death" van has many people angry. Many dog lovers who disagree with the consumption of dog meat have voiced their frustration:

"I don't understand why Asian cultures have always eaten dog meat. Give the pets a secure and loving home.

Many individuals think it's wrong to eat dog meat and that it should be banned. In their own words, "I desire that humans not eat the meat of close and friendly animals too frequently, but rather replace them with the meat of animals that grow quickly and are hard to control in terms of health." quantity.

I honestly hope the dog drivers repent and let these poor creatures go free.

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  • Anonymous June 19, 2023 at 2:21 AM


    • Anonymous December 5, 2023 at 6:19 PM

      They need to be put in cages and see how they like it so wrong God help them


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