Buddy the Dog is “Totally Healed” One Year After Getting Badly Burnt by a Kid

 Buddy, a dog, made headlines a year ago after being the victim of a child's violent burn attack, which severely damaged his face.

Buddy, on the other hand, never lost his spirit, and he's made a miraculous recovery in recent months - and now, a year later, his new owner has confirmed that Buddy is "completely cured" and doing well.

Readers should be aware that this narrative contains disturbing pictures.

Buddy originally made headlines in April when he returned home with horrific burns on his face after being set on fire. His flesh was scorched, and the agony was so intense that his eyelids swelled shut, blinding him. He was also wearing an extension cord around his neck, which he claimed was used to bind him.

 The perpetrator of the heinous crime was ultimately identified as a youngster, who admitted to lighting fire to the dog but was unable to be punished because Mississippi law states that no one under the age of 12 may be charged.

Buddy was sent to the Tunica Humane Society for treatment because his injuries were severe. His veterinarians were surprised by the time and cautioned the dog that he was in for a long voyage, noting that his "prognosis isn't good right now."

According to Sandy Williams of the Tunica Humane Society, "it's incomprehensible that someone could be so nasty." "Buddy was a friendly, non-aggressive dog who trailed the kids around the neighborhood."

"Buddy's vital signs are good," associate professor and veterinary surgeon Dr. Elizabeth Swanson told WTVA. "However, as with every burn patient, this is very much the bottom of a big mountain to be climbed."

Buddy was transferred to Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine for further care, and the veterinarians were taken aback by his positive attitude in the face of adversity.

The Humane Society wrote in an update, "He was in good spirits, wagging his tail, and quite cooperative."

Buddy's condition gradually improved. Buddy couldn't see because of the bandages on his head, but vets were relieved to discover that his eyelids had not been affected by the burns.

The Humane Society reports that "he continues to move forward daily." Everyone involved has praised the results of his skin grafts, noting, "He has never let his doctors down." Burns are difficult to heal, but Buddy is doing well."

"He improved substantially in the appearance of his face throughout today's bandage change, and Buddy continues to acquire some fundamentals while he heals."

Buddy got skin grafts after a few months of rehabilitation, allowing him to gradually return to his old self with less bandages.

"He's happier and more playful now that his ears aren't bound by bandages." Tunica Humane Society noted last summer, "I am sure he is feeling so much delight as he slowly gets his life back to normal."

Buddy also reached a significant milestone in August when the bandages covering his face were removed, allowing him to see for the first time in months.

According to the Humane Society, "his eyes were genuinely open and he was extremely conscious." "YES, Buddy continues to see, in thanks to your thousands of thousands of prayers."

"Buddy's final true vision happened in the terrifying minutes before a child set fire to his face." "In the blink of an eye, this pet's entire life changed."

The ability to see was a vital step in rehabilitating this sad dog, and his guardians believe his personality has begun to emerge once more.

According to Sandy Williams of the Tunica Humane Society, "Buddy's whole personality has changed since experiencing the light of day."

"He's cheerful and playful, walking around the hospital carrying a large ball in his mouth."

"He is a huge ball ventilator, and he carries them about with him so that everybody can see them."

Buddy, who was burned horribly a year ago, has now "completely recovered," according to the Animal Society.

Buddy is doing well at Dr. Swanson's foster home, according to the veterinarian.

According to the Tunica Humane Society, "his face is now entirely healed." "He no longer has to wear his beloved e-collar!" His days are now spent much like any other dog's. Playing fetch, going on long walks with him, and spoiling him since he's such a good dog!"

"Buddy's incredible recuperation from his near-fatal injuries is certainly a miracle, and all of Buddy's caregivers should be tremendously pleased."

Buddy's treatment team at Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine reunited and celebrated his recovery.

"Many activities, hugs from everyone in the hospital, and fetch games later, he's thriving in his foster home!" The institution posted a photo of Buddy, who appeared to be in excellent spirits, on Facebook.

It's heartbreaking to recall Buddy's tragedy, but we're encouraged by how far he's come in a year. Thank you to everyone who has helped him recover so swiftly.

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