Frightened rescue dog finds comfort in her 11-month-old loyal friend

Dogs, with their optimism and plenty of joy, try their best to assist us through difficult times in our lives. Once in a while, we get the opportunity to repay that favor and do something kind for them. 

Prepare to meet Nora, the dog, and Archie, the 11-month-old puppy. These two have been best friends since the day they met, and their story will remind you how profound a human-dog bond can be.

Nora did not have an easy start in life.  It was difficult. Nora was up in an abusive household and has emotional scars as a result. She was terrified of everything and everyone. 

"At any time, you're likely to find kids, cats, and/or dogs lying around the house somewhere," Archie's mother, Elizabeth Spence, told the Dodo.

That was before she met baby Archie.  Nora accepted the kid at the second meeting and never looked back.  Nora was first drawn to the infant because of her easygoing demeanor; with time, their bond became deeper.

"Archie is a happy and good-natured baby, and all the animals seem to respond to that, particularly Nora," Spence explained. "She comes from a bad family and is terrified of everything." Archie, on the other hand. He is adored by her!"

Nora needed the baby's sense of protection and stability to overcome her previous traumatic experiences. What a wonderful couple!

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