Man Is So Moved By Viral Video Of Dog Being Dumped That He Goes Looking And Saves Him

Thanks to a man who saw the widely shared footage of the incident, the story of a puppy that was cruelly abandoned on the side of the road has a happy ending. A cyclist just discovered a tiny brown and white dog by the side of the road in Itabira, Brazil.

Because she couldn't take the dog, the girl who made the video went home to get her car, but when she got there, she couldn't find the puppy. She looked for several days, but she found nothing. The video was then uploaded on Facebook along with the comment, "I can't stop thinking about the dog." "I don't know if he's okay,"

The video's narrator continues, "So people, this here is the puppy we rescued that is causing a lot of commotion here in Itabira. We were struck by his narrative, so we decided to track him down. He is currently being looked after. Along with him, he has brought food and supplies. There is only one different name.

According to the news outlet, the family is now asking for assistance in naming the dog. Which of the following should you pick: Pietro, Einstein, or Xerebebeu? Polls show that "Pietro" is the most popular name.

What began as a heartbreaking narrative has finally had a happy resolution thanks to the witness and the man who persisted in saving the dog. Please spread the word about this heartwarming dog rescue tale to your family and friends!

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