She Snored Through Her First Safe Sleep Since Ex-Owner Tried To Kill Her 3 Times

Molly's life has been a living nightmare. Her abandoned owner tried to murder her three times. She gave up her life of agony and despair because she had a skin condition. As a result of the untreated disease, she began to lose her hair, but it was nothing that a little medicine couldn't remedy.

Her dreadful days are finally over. Molly slept well for the first time since being rescued by Sidewalk Specials. She could finally sleep well knowing she wouldn't be violated again.

Molly appears to be an entirely different dog now. Her beautiful white furs grew back after she had skin treatments. She was adopted and usually has a bright smile on her face.

When Molly's mother first met her, she felt an instant connection with her. She felt obligated to welcome this beautiful creature into her life and to open up to her. Molly now has a safe place to sleep and canine siblings to play with.

Molly's transformation in the video below will take your breath away. Also, watch it all the way through; it's excellent!

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