The brave dog went blind and died after fighting a cobra until his last breath to save the baby, making us extremely emotional.

 In a heroic effort to prevent a dangerous snake from biting its owner's young kid, a brave pet dog lost its life after repelling the serpent.

Security cameras installed outside the home in Kidapawan City, the Philippines, captured two black and white dogs pounce on the snake.

When the lizard initially entered the front garden through the gate, the two-year-old white dachshund named Moxie instantly started barking at the reptile.

The black dachshund Miley then came up and grabbed the monacled cobra in its jaws.

The video depicts the two courageous canines taking on the snake one at a time, biting its tail and mauling its head.

After a two-minute battle, the snake was slain, but not before it severely bit Miley.

Shortly after the incident, the four-year-old dachshund died from her injuries, but Moxie was left blinded by the cobra's poison.

Skye, the dachshund owner's one-year-old daughter, was sleeping inside the house on Friday when the incident took place.

Jaime Selim, Skye's father, claimed that he and his wife Pauie were only made aware of the incident after getting home.

Jaime said, "My wife and I were away for work." When we arrived, our assistant checked the cams and informed us on what had occurred.

We were astounded, but we also had a lot of pride in the dogs. My dogs deserve a lot of credit for keeping my infant Skye secure. They will be sorely missed by us.

To treat Moxie, they went to a neighboring animal hospital. She miraculously survived, but the wounds left her blind.

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